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Quit Plastic, a company dedicated to altering India’s daily habits of single-use plastics, was established by Ajay Somaiya in 2021. Based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, Quit Plastic is a zero-waste solution company offering disposables compostable food packing in sugarcane bagasse material, we are the Largest Company in terms of Number of SKU's, Packing & Customized Printing Solutions as well, we offer various Business Trading Plans. We have established a breakthrough in promoting this product to the global Buyers.  It also provides a franchise opportunity for emerging ecopreneurs and offers plastic-free packaging solutions.

This forward-thinking startup was created to make a difference and promote plastic-free daily usage. However, they understand that the real issue isn’t plastic, but our mindset and habits. The environmental problem at hand has seen a wide range of opinions, with the eco-friendly and the polluters at opposite ends. Quit Plastic aims to find a long-term solution to this issue.

Quit Plastic has developed a unique, future-oriented concept. They don’t want to point fingers or shout empty slogans. Their goal is to assure everyone that they don’t intend to completely change the way of life overnight. Instead, it’s about finding excellent alternatives to plastic and pollutants that fit our lifestyle.

They have designed and curated Eco-Friendly Dinner sets for multiple occasions indoors or outdoors offering zero waste solutions to end consumers directly for a plastic-free lifestyle, suitable for various settings like home, office, picnics, parties, hostels, paying guests, hospitals, and even cars. In essence, Quit Plastic aims to supply all the necessary products to enable a single-use plastic-free lifestyle, without requiring a change in behavior.



Ecopreneur & Founder

Quit Plastic is a Plastic Free Food Packaging Solutions Provider & E-commerce store incorporated in July 2021 to change India's Single use Plastics Daily Habits.

We are an 100% Compostable or Biodegradable Food Packaging Tableware Brand with its roots in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Our Conceptual Tableware Packs are First such in Asia Continent. Our Innovation in Biodegradable Food Packaging Industry maximizes the goal of being Carbon Neutral.

A Franchise for Budding Ecopreneurs.

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