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Start Your Eco-Friendly Disposables Business with 10 Lakhs Investment in India

Thinking about Starting a Business in India that uses Eco-Friendly Packaging for Dine-in Food? Want a business that Earns Money and is Good for the Environment? With an investment of Just 10 lakhs, you can be a Top Player in the eco-friendly dine-in tableware business in India.

Quit Plastic, the only company in India that offers this profitable Opportunity in Biodegradable Tableware, will help you every step of the way. We don’t just provide Eco-Friendly Products; we also offer paid services to help you Sell More. This means you’ll have all the help you need to Make your Business Successful.

Start your eco friendly disposables business dine in tableware in India at 10 lakhs Investment


100% Biodegradable Bagasse Sugarcane Tableware Products


Largest Range of Takeaway Food Packaging in India


Lowest Price in the Industry, Earn extra margins.


Tailored Sales Tools to Maximize Your Revenues from 1st Week itself.

10 Lakhs Dine-In Business Plan includes Following Products in Respective Quantities

Bagasse Bowls

dine in 10 lakh-01.jpg

180 ml Round Bowl - 22400 Pcs / 7 Box

240 ml Round Bowl - 22400 Pcs / 7 Box

Bagasse Compartment Plates

dine in 10 lakh-03.jpg

9 Inch 3 CP Round Plate - 24000 Pcs / 20 Box

10 Inch 3 CP Round Plate - 16000 Pcs / 20 Box

11 Inch 4 CP Round Plate - 16000 Pcs / 20 Box

12 Inch 4 CP Round Plate - 12000 Pcs / 20 Box

Bagasse Cups or Glass

dine in 10 lakh-05.jpg

220 ML Glass - 36000 Pcs / 20 Box

250 ML Glass - 30000 Pcs / 20 Box

Bagasse Plain Plates

dine in 10 lakh-02.jpg

6 Inch Plain Plate - 30000 Pcs / 10 Box

7 Inch Plain Plate - 40000 Pcs / 20 Box

9 Inch Plain Plate - 24000 Pcs / 20 Box

10 Inch Plain Plate - 20000 Pcs / 20 Box

11 Inch Plain Plate - 16000 Pcs / 20 Box

Bagasse Compartment Trays

dine in 10 lakh-04.jpg

3 CP Square Tray - 8000 Pcs / 10 Box

5 CP Rectangle Tray - 8000 Pcs / 10 Box

Bagasse Spoon Forks

dine in 10 lakh-06.jpg

160 MM Bagasse Spoon - 30000 Pcs / 10 Box

160 MM Bagasse Forks - 30000 Pcs / 10 Box

No. of Products


Total Pcs / Box

384800 Pcs / 264 Box

Total Investment


Discount Offered



Venturing into the eco-friendly dine-in segment with bagasse food packaging products is a timely and strategic business move. This industry is at the forefront of a global revolution against plastic and paper disposables, driven by increasing environmental awareness and consumer demand for sustainable practices.

By starting a business in this field, entrepreneurs can contribute to a greener planet by offering alternatives that are biodegradable and compostable, thus reducing the carbon footprint and dependency on non-renewable resources. Moreover, the market for eco-friendly products is expanding rapidly, with a growing number of consumers willing to support and pay a premium for sustainable options.

This shift presents a significant economic opportunity for businesses to tap into a market that is not just environmentally responsible but also increasingly profitable. By aligning with this eco-conscious trend, businesses can differentiate themselves, build brand loyalty, and secure a competitive edge in a market where demand is expected to continue rising

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