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Quit Plastic Compostable 9"x 9" 3 Compartment Clamshell Box


🌿 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Our clamshell box is crafted from Sugarcane Bagasse, a renewable resource. It’s compostable and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


🌟 Export Quality Standard: Designed to meet international quality standards, this clamshell box ensures reliability and durability. Whether you’re serving food at home or in a professional setting, you can trust its performance.


💪 Super Strong and Leak-Proof: Don’t compromise on strength! Our clamshell box is engineered to withstand the rigours of food service. It won’t buckle under pressure, and its leak-proof design keeps your dishes secure.


🍽️ Food Grade and Safe: Rest assured that your food stays safe and uncontaminated. This box is BPA-free and carcinogen-free, maintaining the integrity of your meals.


🔥 Microwave and Freezer Safe: Convenience meets sustainability. Heat your leftovers or freeze pre-prepared meals directly in this box. It’s designed to handle both microwave and freezer temperatures.


🐾 Animal Friendly: By choosing our compostable clamshell box, you’re contributing to a greener planet. It’s not only kind to humans but also to our furry friends.


🛒 Shop or Buy Wholesale Disposables Online: Whether you’re a home cook, a restaurant owner, or part of the hospitality industry, our clamshell box is available for individual purchase or wholesale. Stock up and make a positive impact!


🌱 Compostable and Biodegradable Food Packaging: Join the movement toward sustainable living. Our conceptual disposable tableware brand focuses on reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly alternatives.


🏨 Ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterers (HoReCa): Elevate your food presentation with our Sugarcane Bagasse clamshell box. It’s perfect for serving meals, snacks, or desserts in any professional setting.


🌐 Largest Range of Sugarcane Bagasse Products Online: Explore our extensive collection of Sugarcane Bagasse items on our e-commerce store in India. From plates to cutlery, we’ve got you covered.


Make a conscious choice for the planet. Choose Quit Plastic’s Compostable Clamshell Box today! 🌎🌿


9 x 9 inch 3 Compartment Sugarcane Bagasse Clamshell Bento Box

Sales Tax Included
  • Product Material Sugarcane Bagasse
    Eco Friendly Biodegradable, Compostable, Animal Friendly
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