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Quit Plastic’s Compostable 9"x 9" Inch Burger Clamshell Box


Discover the ultimate eco-conscious packaging solution with Quit Plastic’s Compostable Burger Clamshell Box. Sized generously at 9"x 9" inches, this container is ideal for larger meals, ensuring your food stays secure and your conscience is clear.


Key Features:


  • Compostable & Biodegradable: Responsibly returns to the earth, aiding in waste reduction.
  • Eco-Friendly: Harnessing the power of renewable sugarcane bagasse for a greener tomorrow.
  • Export Quality Standard: Meets stringent international criteria for quality assurance.
  • Super Strong & Leak Proof: Robust design to keep meals intact and mess-free.
  • Food Grade, BPA & Carcinogen Free: Prioritizing consumer health with toxin-free materials.
  • Microwave & Freezer Safe: Adaptable for various food service requirements.
  • Animal Friendly: Respecting all life by avoiding animal derivatives.


Ideal For:


  • HoReCa Institutional Supplies: Aligning with the sustainability goals of the hospitality sector.
  • Wholesale Disposables: Offering competitive pricing for bulk procurement.
  • Online Shopping: Featuring the most extensive selection of bagasse-based products in India.


Step into the future with Quit Plastic’s Burger Clamshell Box, where functionality meets environmental ethics. 🌎🍔

9 x 9 inch Sugarcane Bagasse Clamshell Box

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