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Quit Plastic’s 12 Inch 4 Compartment Premium Rectangular Tray - The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Solution


Dive into the world of sustainable food service with Quit Plastic’s 12-inch 4-compartment Premium Rectangular Tray, ingeniously crafted from Sugarcane Bagasse.


This tray is not just an alternative; it’s a revolution in the fight against environmental pollution caused by plastic, paper, and styrofoam trays.


Key Features:


  • Eco-Friendly Material: Made from the renewable resource of Sugarcane Bagasse.
  • Composts in 180 Days: Designed to decompose quickly under real environmental conditions.
  • Four Compartments: Offers convenience in separating and serving a variety of dishes.
  • Leak Proof: Ensures that liquids stay contained, preventing spills and messes.
  • Premium Quality: Robust and reliable, perfect for any dining occasion.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, for a safe eating experience.
  • Microwave & Freezer Safe: Adaptable for heating or cooling, adding to its versatility.


Advantages of Bagasse Trays:


  • Less Pollution: Greatly reduces the environmental impact compared to non-biodegradable options.
  • Soil Enrichment: Contributes to soil health as it breaks down, fostering a better ecosystem.
  • Conservation of Resources: Makes use of agricultural by-products, reducing the need for synthetic materials.


Embrace Quit Plastic’s 12-inch 4-compartment Premium Rectangular Tray for your restaurant, hotel, or cloud kitchen, and join the movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment.


Choose the path of eco-integrity with Quit Plastic.

12 Inch 4 Compartment White Tray Eco Friendly Sugarcane Bagasse Bleached

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