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Quit Plastic’s 4 Oz 110 ML Bagasse Tea & Coffee Cup - The Eco-Innovative Choice for India


Introducing the 4 Oz 110 ML Full Tea & Coffee Cup by Quit Plastic, a pioneering leap in India’s journey towards eco-friendly food packaging.


Constructed from Sugarcane Bagasse, this cup is more than just a container; it’s a commitment to environmental stewardship.


Key Benefits:


  • Eco-Friendly Revolution: A greener alternative to paper-coated cups, which take an alarming 50 years to compost.
  • Quick Composting: Our Bagasse cups decompose efficiently, significantly reducing waste.
  • Health-conscious: Free from BPA and other toxins, ensuring a safe sipping experience.
  • Robust & Spill-Proof: Expertly crafted to withstand the vigour of Indian teas and coffees.


Why Quit Plastic Bagasse Cups?


  • Designed for India: Tailor-made to support the nation’s love for chai and coffee.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: Choosing Bagasse means contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.
  • Assured Quality: Trust in a cup that not only holds your beverage but also upholds your eco-values.


Ideal for cafés and roadside vendors, Quit Plastic’s 110 ML Bagasse Tea & Coffee Cup represents the best eco-friendly food packaging innovation in India. Serve your customers with pride, knowing each cup supports a sustainable future.

4 Oz 110 ML Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Tea Coffee Cup Glass

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