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Updated: Feb 10

Eco-tourism is much more than a simple holiday in the lap of nature. The real sense of ecotourism is instilled within the human activities which reduces environmental pollution including soil degradation. Today accumulation of non-biodegradable plastics, styrofoam and thermocol debris has become the prime source of soil pollution. If these non- biodegradable components are not treated chemically or recycled in a clin then they almost do not decompose organically. Huge quantum of plastic debris lying across open spaces, especially in nature feed tourist destination has already resulted in leeching of soil and poisoning of underground water. Local communities dotting such nature wrapped tourist destination, especially in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, parts of upper Afrika and countries resting on the upper part of Middle East region, are under maximum impact of such environment pollution. Over couple of decades many local and tribal communities, forest dwellers specially in developing nations became victims of deadly diseases caused by non-compostable plastic litters. Non compostable litters continue to cost life and castles and hence it is need of the hour that urban dwellers and tourists who visits such nature cradled tour destination must quit from using non compostable plastic food packs and / or tableware and cutleries. Eco-Enthusiast Hector Ceballos-Lacurain started the propaganda of nature based sustainable travel in 1983 with an emphasis upon environmental studies. The concept of Eco-Tourism slowly embodied management and development eco- friendly tourism product and activities. Eco travelers across the world are adopting and using compostable and bio-degradable food packs and tableware made up on nature fibers like sugar cane bagasse.

Travel Pack

QUIT PLASTIC’S HANDY TRAVEL PACK containing biodegradable food packets, compact serving plates and cutlery (100 % plastic and BPA free) is steadily becoming a necessity for green pack travel amongst Indian eco travelers. Quit Plastic’s Travel pack sustains and promotes environment stability. Being made of nothing but purely sugarcane bagasse the contents of Quit plastics travel ack is easily compostable and hence environment friendly. Quit Plastics travel packs are also harmless for cattle consumption and can be served as folder as well. Quit Plastics’ single use /disposable tableware and sturdy and leakage proof and hence they can hold a large quantity of solid, semisolid, or liquid food without any spillage. With quit plastic’s Travel Pack now enjoy everything with your meal without any worry of oil seepage. Tableware inside Quit Plastics’ Travel pack can be place in freezer and microwave as well. Quit plastics tableware are resistant to extreme temperatures and soggy free. The contents of Quit Plastic’s Tavell Pack do not melt or infuse even at a high temperature of 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Isn’t it amazing? Quit Plastic’s plates holds true to its name. They do not carry any plastic particle or wax as lining over them. Quit Plastic’s tableware has been manufactured by meeting FDA’s guidelines for food contact surface. Quit plastic promotes green travel and hence its products do not only meet FDA requirements but also “OK BIO” standards of composability. If you are an eco-traveler travelling to sea-side humid tourist destinations like goa, Covallam beach, backwaters of Kerala, Kutch Bhuj or Saurashtrian territories or if you are an eco-traveler frond of mountain tracking and is lofting to make your next visit to Himalayas, or Nilgiris stop worrying about your food packages and table accessories. This time your food would not get soggy or seep from your meal box. Just push in a Travel pack of Quit Plastic in your backpack. If you are travelling with your family and friends then its really simple, just push a few more couples of Quit Plastics’ Travel Pack.

Travel Pack

Each Travel pack of Quit Plastic contains 162 pieces of eco-friendly, single use disposables. To state in detail: 20 pieces 10-inch dinner plates, 20 pieces 9 inch plates having 3 compartments, 20 pieces round bowl with capacity of 180 ml, 30 pieces glass with capacity of 250 ml, 25 pieces 6 inch wooden forks and 25 pieces 6 inch wooden spoons, 20 paper straws of 10mm, 1 sleeve tissue paper, 10 garbage bags, and one big box containing all these contents, made up of recycles paper and players with inbuilt sturdy handle for hassle free carriage. So next time when you plan your solo green trip or an eco-trip with your family, friends, or colleagues, carry your Quit Plastic travel pack to keep yourself and your family and friends safe from food contamination and risk of getting covid through multiple use of under sensitized table wares in roadside restaurants. Also, at the same time do your bit as a true eco traveler by refraining from use of non-bio-degradable, non-compostable plastic, styrofoam and thermocol disposables.

Quit Plastic’ Travel Pack comes with a modest price and with variety of purchase options for example, one single pack costs Rs. 488/- only. Monthly subscription of Quit Plastic’s Travel Pack will cost you Rs. 478 per pack only. Similarly, if you avail quarterly subscription, you can same 15 % of the purchase price since quarterly subscription for one pack per month comes at just Rs. 478 with the facility of Auto renewal. Likewise, you can save 20 % and 25 % on bi-annual and annual subscription per pack. These offers and subscription combos are available only for a limited period, and every traveler is grabbing Quit Plastics green combo offer at a great speed. So, hurry! The offers are applicable till the stock lasts. For more details and regular updated log on to www.

Travel Pack

Quit Plastic’s Travel and all other disposable single use packs of tableware and service plates are available in almost all OTP shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers, Meesho Dukaan etc. The Travel Packs are also available in departmental shops like Spencer’s, Big Bazaar and D- marts. You may also order and subscribe to the discounted offers and combo deals of Quit Plastic directly from website or just WhatsApp your order on +91 9104131727. So, what are waiting for? get crash the departmental stores or online stores now and grab your eco-friendly TRAVEL PACK of QUIT PLASTIC.

Travel Pack

You may also order through your WhatsApp at +91 9104131727 or mail them directly on Quit Plastic Online Store in India is founded by Ajay Somaiya an Ecopreneur based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

Indian Government & Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently already announced ban on single use disposable plastics, to be effective from 2022. Do your bit to save nature and provide digestible fodder to thousands of hungry cattle, while you party madly. Dispose only Quit Plastic wastes. Party hard, work harder and save environment.

To Buy this Eco Friendly Gift Pack from Quit Plastic Online Store Click the link below

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