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No Plastic Rule - Would You Follow It?

Updated: Feb 4

No Plastic

Say No to Plastic

Plastic will not just evaporate from the face of the earth because we have only now come to realize how dangerous it is to the planet. For single-use plastic to be truly reduced in usage across the globe the onus is upon us to reduce our plastic footprint. One easy way to do this is to keep our waste to a minimum. By ensuring near or next to zero waste we are automatically also ensuring the lesser use of plastic needed to dispose of this waste.

We have been enlightened enough on the subject to know that plastic is not just bad for the environment, it is also hazardous to have around the house and has adverse health effects. This is why all sorts of plastic packaging needs to be eradicated from the home front as well as disposing of any left over-collected plastic in the form of plates, containers, cans, and bottles.

To keep your home and especially your kitchen plastic-free, one can turn to a biodegradable and easily compostable form of crockery and cutlery. Companies like Quit Plastic help make the world a better place to live in with their line of plates, bowls, straws, forks, and spoons which are made of sugarcane bagasse. Sugarcane grows throughout the year and the waste derived from the crop is turned into sturdy and handy tableware which can be warmed in ovens and microwaves and frozen in the freezer without any discernible wear and tear.

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