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Quit Plastic’s 250 ML Bagasse Glass - The Vanguard of Sustainable Beverage Solutions


Step into the future with Quit Plastic’s 8 Oz 250 ML Glass, a testament to India’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation.


Made from the sustainable and sturdy Sugarcane Bagasse, this glass is more than a mere container; it’s a beacon for environmental responsibility.


Key Features:


  • Eco-Friendly Pioneer: A prime alternative to paper-coated cups notorious for their long decomposition period.
  • Rapid Decomposition: Unlike paper cups, our Bagasse glass is designed for quick and complete compostability.
  • Safety Assured: Free from BPA and harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthy beverage experience.
  • Strength and Reliability: Perfectly crafted to handle the hustle of Indian cafés without leaking or breaking.


Why Opt for Quit Plastic’s Bagasse Glass?


  • Tailored for India: Specially designed for the Indian palate and the ubiquity of tea consumption.
  • Positive Eco Impact: By choosing Bagasse, you’re actively contributing to waste reduction and pollution control.
  • Exclusive Quality: Proudly standing as the only company in India that manufactures and promotes large-sized Bagasse cups.


Ideal for cafés and discerning consumers, Quit Plastic’s 250 ML Bagasse Glass is the leading choice for those who seek the best in eco-friendly food packaging.


Serve your drinks with confidence, knowing each glass is a step towards a greener, cleaner India.

8 Oz 250 ML Sugarcane Bagasse Glass

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