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Introducing Quit Plastic’s Sugarcane Bagasse 12 Inch 4 Compartment Brown Tray 50 Pieces Saver Pack - your perfect retail saver solution!


Made from unbleached sugarcane bagasse, this tray is eco-friendly, compostable, and biodegradable that meets export quality standards. With its super strength and leak-proof design, it’s perfect for carrying multiple food items. It’s also food-grade and free from BPA and carcinogens.


You can use it for microwave and freezer-safe purposes. Completely animal-friendly and can be wholesaled or shopped online. Join the eco-revolution with our compostable and biodegradable food packaging brand.

12 Inch 4 Compartment Unbleached Sugarcane Bagasse Tray Retail Saver Pack 50 pcs

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