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Introducing our 10 Inch 3 Compartment White Round Plate Sugarcane Bagasse Retail Saver Pack, featuring 100 pieces of eco-friendly disposables for your convenience.


Made with compostable and biodegradable sugarcane bagasse material, these plates are an excellent choice for those who prioritize sustainability.


They are strong, leak-proof, and compliant with export quality standards, making them a safe and reliable option for all your food service needs.


Our products are animal-friendly, food grade, BPA, and carcinogen-free, and can be used in microwaves and freezers without any harmful effects.


Check out our largest range of sugarcane bagasse products available on our e-commerce store in India today!

10 Inch 3 Compartment White Plate Sugarcane Bagasse Retail Saver Pack 100 Pieces

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