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Why Should Small Businesses Use Sustainable Tableware

Updated: Feb 4

Why Should Small Businesses Use Sustainable Tableware

The food packaging industry has had to deal with certain issues like making the switch to more sustainable options while bringing about innovation in packaging. Not only is this a more affordable avenue for them to maximize profit by lowering initial costs, it is also a welcome move for the health and wellbeing of the planet.

In the race to reduce plastic pollution, most small businesses including cafes and restaurants have made the switch from plastic to sugarcane-pulp based packaging instead. Sugarcane, is a native crop of India, and a versatile plant that provides sugar and bio-fuel. Most often, the cane is used for the extraction of the juice. However, it also produces a fibre called Bagasse which is an important ingredient used in the manufacture of sugarcane pulp-based packaging.

The question to ask is if products made from Bagasse are actually usable at all times especially during hectic catering services and in hot and often not very organized kitchens? Can they be heated in ovens and refrigerated or even frozen? Can they hold liquids for any length of time? Are they an option seriously worth considering for takeaways? The answer to all of this is yes, as long as you choose Recyclable tableware and reusable tableware from Quit Plastic!

Quit Plastic is one such company that uses sugarcane bagasse to manufacture sustainable tableware and crockery cutlery for a greener planet. They manufacture bowls, plates, trays, forks, spoons, knives and more all sing a sustainable and eco-friendly product made from sugarcane called sugarcane bagasse. This material has high structural stability and can be reused, heated, warmed and frozen at will making it an ideal choice for sustainable living.

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