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Tripura CM launches 'Plastic Free Tripura' initiative at Melaghar Rath Yatra Mela & Utsav

Tripura Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha announced the launch of the 'Plastic Free Tripura' initiative. The announcement was made during the inauguration of the much-awaited "Melaghar Rath Yatra Mela & Utsav."

Expressing his concerns about the need to protect the state's natural treasures, CM Prof. Dr. Saha urged citizens to contribute towards the preservation of Neer Mahal. His motivation to spearhead this initiative was reinforced by the recent visit of Sudha Murthy, Chairperson of Infosys Foundation, who expressed disappointment upon witnessing garbage littered in and around Neer Mahal. Determined to address this issue promptly, the government plans to launch the 'Plastic Free Tripura' movement, taking inspiration from the successful 'Nesha Mukta Tripura' campaign.

Highlighting the popularity of the Melaghar Ratha Yatra, the CM emphasized its significance not only within Tripura but also among visitors from neighboring Bangladesh. Each year, numerous people from Bangladesh make the journey to witness this grand festival, showcasing the rich art, culture, and traditions of Tripura.

During his address, the CM also underscored the importance of faith and spirituality, drawing parallels with Prime Minister's speeches during international visits. He noted the gradual shift from atheism to embracing faith and spirituality in Tripura. Recognizing the dedication of the people of Melaghar in preserving their cultural heritage, the CM expressed his belief that divinity resides within each individual and it is our collective responsibility to safeguard our cultural legacy for future generations.

The 'Plastic Free Tripura' initiative aims to make the state free from plastic by promoting eco-friendly alternatives and raising awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. Through this campaign, the government intends to create a sustainable and clean environment, ensuring the beauty of Tripura remains untouched for years to come.

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