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Staffordshire pupils aim to make school plastic-free

A Staffordshire school has trained 50 young "recycling rangers" as it aims to go plastic-free.

Pupils at Outwoods Primary in Stretton have also organised a second-hand toy sale to raise money for future schemes.

The youngsters, aged between 7 and 11, have additionally been learning how to recycle paper.

A teaching assistant said the school was passionate about empowering the next generation of environmental campaigners.

"It has been exciting working with the children to look at how they can help make a positive impact on the environment," explained Maria Ashworth, adding some pupils were even changing "the ingrained normalities of adults" by encouraging changes at home.

Pupils told BBC Radio Derby they hoped to make a difference to wildlife and the environment.

"Multiple creatures in the sea have already died due to plastic and if we don't help them now they'll be extinct," said Myles.

"One of my favourite animals is turtles and they're getting killed because of plastic in the ocean... Some people just chuck everything everywhere and don't really listen."

"We've been talking about how we can make the school a better place for the animals," she said. "We can stop littering and maybe change the bins when they start overflowing."

Holly added: "Don't buy single-use plastic... If you can see the recycling symbol on the plastic then buy that and you can recycle it."

The children's drive to achieve accredited plastic-free status was "inspiring"

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