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Quit Plastic: The Profitable Path to a Sustainable Future with Eco-Friendly Disposables Business Dealership across India

Quit Plastic: The Profitable Path to a Sustainable Future with Eco-Friendly Disposables Business Dealership across India


National Award Winner in Agriculture Food Innovation, Quit Plastic, is shaking up the disposable tableware landscape in India. Headquartered in Jamnagar, Gujarat, they are a leading manufacturer of Sugarcane Bagasse disposables and offer a unique and lucrative business opportunity through their dealership programs.

  • Andhra Pradesh

  • Arunachal Pradesh

  • Assam

  • Bihar

  • Chhattisgarh

  • Goa

  • Gujarat (home to Quit Plastic)

  • Haryana

  • Himachal Pradesh

  • Jharkhand

  • Karnataka

  • Kerala

  • Madhya Pradesh

  • Maharashtra

  • Manipur

  • Meghalaya

  • Mizoram

  • Nagaland

  • Odisha

  • Punjab

  • Rajasthan

  • Sikkim

  • Tamil Nadu

  • Telangana

  • Tripura

  • Uttar Pradesh

  • Uttarakhand

  • West Bengal

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • Chandigarh

  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  • Daman and Diu

  • Lakshadweep

  • Delhi (National Capital Territory)

  • Puducherry

  • Ladakh

  • Jammu and Kashmir

A Growing Crisis, A Sustainable Solution

Across India, the issue of plastic pollution has become a critical environmental concern. Single-use plastics have permeated every corner of the country, from bustling metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi to serene beaches in Goa and Kerala. This plastic proliferation has led to clogged waterways, devastated ecosystems, and a growing public health crisis.

Quit Plastic recognizes the urgency of this issue. Their Sugarcane Bagasse disposables offer a viable and eco-friendly solution that can be implemented across India. Made from the fibrous residue left after sugarcane juice extraction, these disposables are completely biodegradable and compostable.

Unlike traditional plastic disposables that linger in landfills for centuries, Quit Plastic's products decompose naturally, leaving no harmful trace on the environment. This makes them a guilt-free choice for both consumers and businesses throughout India, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The Opportunity

Quit Plastic is offering an exclusive dealership plan for its range of sugarcane bagasse tableware products. With a minimum investment of ₹5 lakhs and a maximum of ₹10 lakhs INR, individuals can embark on a lucrative journey in the dine-in and take-away segments of the food industry. Whether you’re a new college graduate, a job seeker, a businesswoman, or an existing trader, this opportunity is open to all.

Unmatched Product Range and Innovation: Catering to Every Need

Quit Plastic goes beyond simply offering eco-friendly disposables. They boast the largest range of Sugarcane Bagasse Disposables in India, catering to the diverse needs of the vast Indian market. Their comprehensive product line caters to both the dine-in and takeaway segments, making them a one-stop shop for all your eco-friendly tableware needs, no matter your location in the country.

  • Dine-In Delight: Restaurants, cafes, caterers, hotels, and office canteens across India can benefit from Quit Plastic's extensive selection of dine-in disposables. This includes plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, and trays with lids – everything you need to create a complete and sustainable dining experience. Whether you're running a traditional restaurant in Chennai or a trendy cafe in Himachal Pradesh, Quit Plastic has an eco-friendly solution to elevate your service while minimizing your environmental impact.

  • Takeaway on the Go: Cloud kitchens, cafes, and restaurants on delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy in every state, from bustling metros to smaller towns, require efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Quit Plastic offers a dedicated range of takeaway products like containers with lids, clamshell boxes, and compartment trays. These ensure food stays fresh and arrives safely at its destination, whether it's a home delivery in Kolkata or a picnic lunch in the hills of Darjeeling.


Dealers can expect to earn a profit margin of 5% to 20% on local sales, making it a highly profitable venture.


Quit Plastic ensures exclusivity by appointing only one dealership per district, ensuring a focused and dedicated market presence.

Standing Out from the Crowd: Innovation that Empowers Your Business

Quit Plastic goes beyond just offering a variety of products. They are at the forefront of innovation in the eco-friendly tableware industry, providing unique features that can benefit your business in any state:

  • Brand with a Bang: Showcase your brand identity with customized logo printing on your tableware. Quit Plastic, the first and only tableware company in India to offer 4-colour Logo Printing on Sugarcane Bagasse Disposables, allows businesses to promote themselves while using eco-friendly products. This innovative service is perfect for restaurants, cafes, and caterers looking to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

  • Sales Support You Can Count On: Quit Plastic demonstrates their commitment to your success by offering paid sales support for their dealers. This is a unique benefit not found elsewhere in the Indian tableware market. Regardless of your location, you'll be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in this growing market. Quit Plastic's sales support team will guide marketing, customer outreach, and industry trends, empowering you to build a successful dealership.

  • Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Sets: Quit Plastic's dinner sets offer a convenient and environmentally friendly option for homes, offices, picnics, parties, and more. This is a testament to their commitment

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