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Impact of single-use plastic disposables on Climate

Updated: Feb 4

We call Planet Earth our home but people living in this home face several divisions and disparities be it Financial economic or political and there are many more despite this there is always some common ground on this big planet we are all breathing the same air and some of that is less polluted some toxic here's another thing that binds us all together and that is single-use plastic single-use plastic is wreaking havoc on

the planet in varying degrees the life cycle of plastic begins underground where oil and gas are extracted from deep below the surface of the planet these fossil fuels are then refined in facilities using extreme temperatures and significant amount of water and energy where they are transformed into pellets that are eventually melted and molded into things single-use plastic has been used around the world and one of the characteristics is the plastic does not break down once thrown into nature.

Impact of single-use plastic disposables on Climate

Impact of Plastic on Climate - You Must Be Wondering why are we not recycling this plastic according to the Environmental Protection Agency alarmingly only around 9 percent plastic in the US is actually recycled and the rest is dumped into dump yards some of these are part of our everyday lives like bubble wraps plastic utensils plastic bags plastic straws cling wrap yogurt cups wax coated coffee cups and the list goes on from its production to its end-of-life plastic produces greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its life cycle according to the Beyond Plastics report the Plastic industry is responsible for at least 232 million tons of Planet warming emissions each year that is the same amount as the average emissions released by 116 coal-fired power plants in 2020 experts say the convenience of plastic use comes at a terrible cost for our planet.

So what is it that you and I can do at our end to resolve this problem it's not only recycling we can also say no to bottled water use reusable grocery bags refuse plastic Cutlery buy Commodities in bulk to reduce plastic waste these steps might seem insignificant but to save our planet Earth from dying every little step towards its Revival we play a will play a long and vital part

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