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Environmentally - Friendly Habits that aren’t as Green as you think they are

Updated: Apr 21

While it's an encouraging notion to believe that people are now starting to get further apprehensive of their surroundings and taking measures to help enrich the macro health of the earth, it isn't always necessary that the way they take are actually good for the earth.

Environmentally Friendly Habits - Very frequently idle report leads people to take opinions that aren't suitable for the Earth and are in fact some kind of style which is actually indeed more dangerous than usual. Tips on how to make your life more environmentally friendly are far and wide, from reducing your plastic waste to walking or biking rather than taking motorcars and buses. But some advice on greening your life is more complex than it seems.

By doing our part in ensuring that we aren't littering the earth especially with plastic, we're doing not just our current generation but unborn generations as well a huge favour. The need of the hour is to fully stop using single-use plastic and move towards sustainable living styles rather through Eco-friendly packaging.

This change can first be rehearsed in our own kitchens with the pottery and chopstick that we use. Organizations like Quit Plastic yield and manufacture plates coliseums spoons and ladles from sugarcane bagasse and not from plastic making this form of tableware sustaining for the earth as well. They use eco-friendly packaging and the tableware can be used in a microwave and oven as well as in the freezer to heat and store things respectively.

Environmentally Friendly Habits

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