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BMC's reinforcement of plastic ban in Mumbai: 8 environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic

Updated: Jan 13

BMC has tightened its grip on the plastic ban yet again in Mumbai Those found using a plastic bag will be fined heavily and can also be imprisoned. This makes it necessary for Mumbaikars to switch to alternatives. Mid-day Online shares a list of sustainable alternatives you can switch to

environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic

Yet again, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has tightened its grip on plastic ban in Mumbai. Under the new ban, plastic bags of all sizes, pouches, containers, bowls, bottles of less than 200 ml plastic, single-use plastic plates, and glasses are all banned.

As reported by Mid-day Online, the penalty structure involves a Rs 5,000 fine for first-time offenders, followed by a Rs 10,000 fine for repeat offenders. For individuals who violate this prohibition for a third time, the penalty is set at Rs 25,000 along with a three-month imprisonment.

This calls for an urgent switch to sustainable alternatives to everyday plastic products that we use. Monica Arora, content head, Amala Earth, says, “It is important to connect consumers with eco-friendly brands and make it easier for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives, to make mindful choices”.

Making mindful choices that benefit the environment and contribute towards building a better Earth for our future generation is the need of the hour. Arora says, “Single-use plastic, that is non-biodegradable, ends up in landfills contributing heavily to soil and water pollution globally. For sustainable brands that offer citizens environment-friendly alternatives, the idea is to create a world where we leave a healthier environment for future generations”.

Arora shares a list of sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic you can switch to:

1. Use a cloth tote bag instead of a plastic bag when you step out for shopping.

2. Ditch the plastic toothbrushes we have been using for decades and switch to toothbrushes made from bamboo.

3. If you are a yoga practitioner who uses a synthetic plastic yoga mat, opt for an organic linen yoga mat instead.

4. Comb your hair with a wooden comb instead of a plastic one.

5. For your little ones, use cotton diapers that are not just environment-friendly but also soft on the skin.

6. The same applies to organic menstrual pads. Besides being free from plastic, these pads also help in reducing exposure to toxic chemicals.

7. Switch to using sugarcane bagasse tableware cutlery instead of using plastic ones.

8. Use copper or glass water bottles instead of using any kind of plastic bottles.

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