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Benefits of Sustainable Packaging for Brands in India

Updated: Feb 4

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging for Brands in India

Sustainable packaging has multiple benefits for brands to follow this sort of eco-friendly and earth pleasing practice. More often than not this kind of packaging can be recycled and is not a burden on the ecosystem. Having clean and green business practices will help attract new and like-minded customers while also setting your brand apart from the competition and clutter of everyday materialism. Most importantly, making green purchasing decisions reduces the impact on the environment and its natural resources.

Eco-friendly tableware and cutlery made by brands like Quit Plastic should ideally be made from 100% Sugarcane Bagasse an easily grown and readily compostable and biodegradable ingredient. Sugarcane bagasse as a product can be used to manufacture crockery cutlery bowls, plates, cups, glasses, containers and trays are without any plastic or wax coating. These products have excellent structural integrity to be able to hold their shape when being used with solid and liquid food.

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