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  • Quit Plastic’s 160 mm Bagasse Spoon - The Sustainable Revolution in Cutlery


  • Introducing India’s only 160 mm (16 cm) Sugarcane Bagasse Spoon by Quit Plastic, a groundbreaking innovation set to redefine eco-friendly food packaging and utensil use across the nation.


  • This spoon is not just an alternative; it’s the answer to the growing environmental concerns posed by plastic and wooden spoons.


Key Features:


  • Eco-Friendly Excellence: A sustainable choice that stands out as the best alternative to non-biodegradable plastic and slow-decomposing wooden spoons.
  • Rapid Compostability: Unlike wooden spoons, which can take a century to break down, our Bagasse spoon is designed for quick composting and recycling.
  • Durable & Practical: Robust enough to handle any meal, yet environmentally conscious.
  • Safe for Everyone: Free from toxins and harmful chemicals, making it safe for all users.



Embrace the sustainable choice with Quit Plastic’s 160 mm Bagasse Spoon, the pinnacle of innovation in eco-friendly food packaging in India.


Join the movement towards a greener future, one spoonful at a time.


Why Choose Quit Plastic’s Bagasse Spoon?


Innovative Design: The first of its kind in India, tailored for those who care for the environment. Positive Impact: By opting for Bagasse, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Quality Assurance:


Experience the confidence of using a spoon that aligns with your values of eco-responsibility.

160 MM 16 cm Sugarcane Bagasse Spoon

Sales Tax Included
  • Product Material Sugarcane Bagasse
    Eco Friendly Biodegradable, Compostable, Animal Friendly
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