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Quit Plastic’s 160 mm Bagasse Knife - The Cutting-Edge of Eco-Friendly Cutlery


Introducing the 160 mm (16 cm) Sugarcane Bagasse Knife by Quit Plastic, a unique and innovative solution in India’s eco-friendly food packaging market. This knife is not just an alternative to traditional utensils; it’s a symbol of a sustainable future.


Key Features:


  • Eco-Friendly Pioneer: A robust alternative to plastic and wooden knives, which are known for their environmental toll.
  • Quick Composting: Our Bagasse knife decomposes much faster than wooden knives, which can take over a century to break down.
  • Strong & Functional: Designed to efficiently handle cutting tasks without bending or breaking.
  • Safe for Use: Free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthy dining experience.


Why Choose Quit Plastic’s Bagasse Knife?


  • Innovative Design: The only company in India to produce such eco-conscious cutlery.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: By selecting Bagasse, you’re contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world.
  • Quality Commitment: Dedicated to providing a product that meets your needs while protecting the planet.
  • Choose Quit Plastic’s 160 mm Bagasse Knife, the best innovation in eco-friendly food packaging in India, and be part of the movement towards a greener, more responsible future.

160 MM 16 cm Sugarcane Bagasse Knife

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