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Wooden Cutlery - Your New Best Friend!

Updated: Feb 10

Wooden crockery and cutlery were popular concepts before metal and stainless steel made an entry and actually became more popular. While these materials make an impression at fancy parties and get-togethers they're incontrovertibly horrible for the earth.

Wooden cutlery is compostable and decreases landfill. Also, no dangerous chemicals are used in production. Wooden crockery and cutlery are extremely solid and durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor catering events and social functions. It can also be designed as per customization and is a critical healthier lifestyle option.

As a compostable product manufacturer in India, Quit Plastic follows a great heritage. Its disposable cutlery is largely certified both in India and from labs internationally and it can also be used in ovens and microwaves.

Wooden Cutlery

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