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Times up: Single Use Plastic

Updated: Feb 4

Times up: Single Use Plastic

Plastic is one of the great environmental evils of our time. It is only today that a generation of anxious and angry Millennials have awoken to how much damage plastic causes our environments and our ecosystems. One of the most villainous kinds of plastic used is, of course, single used plastic. This sort of plastic is even more dangerous to our existence because of the sheer disregard that people show towards its usage.

Single-use plastic can be classified as polythene bags, plastic beverage, and water bottles and their caps, food wrappers, sachets, straws, stirrers and more of their like. If we look at just how much damage single-use plastic can do, the list is endless. India alone generates 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Around 43 percent of this comprises of single-use plastic.

Single-use plastic can and must be replaced. Glass, paper and cardboard, metal, ceramic, jute and cloth, beeswax, wood, and bamboo are all different materials that will help curtail the use of single-use plastic in everyday objects. Sugarcane bagasse is another example of such material and it is used extensively by Quit Plastic Eco Friendly Tableware in the compostable tableware line of bowls, plates, trays, forks, spoons, and containers. These are completely, freezer safe, oil resistant, microwave safe, biodegradable, and natural and have strong structural integrity ensuring that you can eat from and with them comfortably.

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