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The Abc of Composting

Updated: Feb 4

Abc of Composting

Composting is a process where organic matter breaks down into nitrogen and carbon. When these two elements are balanced, the end result of that is compost matter. Nitrogen comes from green waste which includes things like vegetable and fruit peels, flowers, and leftover food. Carbon comes from the brown waste — which is found in dry leaves that fall from trees, shredded cardboard, brown coconut shreds, and other such examples.

Fill green waste and deposit into a composting bin once or twice a day. If possible, chop waste into small pieces to quicken the process. A layer of brown waste should cover the top layer of the pot at all times. Tightly cover the pot and don’t allow small creatures to enter it. Place a plate underneath to collect any liquid that flows out.

If we talk about Abc of Composting, you don’t need a lot of space or time to compost at home. The most rewarding thing from composting at home is to smell and feel the earth. You are also making a contribution to healthy plants and to keeping resources out of landfills. Quit Plastic uses compostable material to manufacture table wear which is structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing.

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