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Teaching Zero Waste Living to your Kids

As a generation, we may have failed the planet but redemption is certainly not too far away. It is our responsibility now to ensure that our children, who are the future custodians of the world, are taught to understand the gravity with which we are eroding Earth.

Educating our children on the importance of a zero-waste concept especially with relation to plastic is as important as practicing these concepts. Take a look at just some of the ways we can help nudge our children into becoming zero waste and conscious individuals of the future.

· Teach kids about the environment. Be in nature as often as possible!

· Pack trash-free lunches – Resist plastic disposables!

· Build a package-free pantry The sustainable way to buy in bulk

· Bring Compostable bowls to the ice cream store. It's more fun to eat ice cream when it is zero waste!

· Ask teachers for digital assignments or less paper Digital homework instead of trash pile-up.

As parents lets also do our part to ensure that zero waste as a concept can be carried out on the home front as well. To keep your home and especially your kitchen plastic-free, one can turn to a biodegradable and easily compostable form of crockery and cutlery. Companies like Quit Plastic help make the world a better place to live in with their line of plates, bowls, straws, forks, and spoons which are made of sugarcane bagasse. Sugarcane grows throughout the year and the waste derived from the crop is turned into sturdy and handy tableware which can be warmed in ovens and microwaves and frozen in the freezer without any discernible wear and tear.

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