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Sustainability In The Air! Emirates To Reduce Plastic Waste With Their Closed Loop Recycling

If you are someone who flies frequently, you already know that the amount of plastic waste generated by just a single meal onboard is a lot. Then can you imagine the sheer quantity of waste generated by airlines across the globe during their meal services? Well, in an attempt to set itself apart from other airlines, Emirates is now revealing its new closed-loop recycling initiative this month. Yes, according to this initiative, all those things that you find in use during the dinner service will now be recycled at a local facility and reused again.

Keeping up with the theme of #BeatPlasticPollution for the World Environment Day, which is on June 5, Monday, Emirates is ready to introduce its closed-loop recycling initiative, this month. Yes, according to this initiative, the airline will recycle items, such as plastic trays, snacks & casserole dishes, and bowls at a local facility, where these items will be remade into fresh and ready-to-use Emirates meal service products.

As it happens, these newly recycled utensils will be introduced onboard this month itself. Moreover, old and damaged meal service items (which are in millions) collected from economy and premium economy dining will be washed and checked, and then transported to the facility in Dubai, where it will be grounded. After this, it will be reprocessed and manufactured into new dishes, trays, and bowls before being sent for catering services.

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