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Siliguri Municipal Corporation launches campaign to make Siliguri a Plastic Free city

Siliguri, 25th March: The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change of India had earlier announced that from the 1st of July 2022, the country will ban single-use plastics, claiming that they have “low utility and high littering potential”. owing to this notification, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation launched several programs and campaigns to make Siliguri a plastic-free city. However, as the monitoring of the same decreased, the use of plastic once again increased.

Nonetheless, the Municipal Corporation has once again geared up to make Siliguri plastic free by closing the main source of plastic in the city. Today, during an awareness campaign, Mayor Goutam Deb maintained that strict monitoring will be kept on the means plastic enters the city. The Mayor was accompanied by the Corporation's Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar, Sanitation and Garbage Department's Mayor In Councial Manik Dey, Mayor In Councial Sikta Dey Basu Ray, Borough Commite No. 04 Chairman Jayanta Saha and Ward No. 27 Councilor Prashant Chakraborty.

An awareness campaign was conducted on Saturday in the DI Fund Market and various markets of Mahabirsthan. During the campaign, along with an appeal to not use plastic, the officials stuck stickers of the same message at various shops.

In this regard, the Mayor said that such an initiative was taken earlier too. However, the use of single-use plastics still prevailed in the city. In view of this, this time, the board decided to campaign in Mahabirsthan as it is one of the city's oldest marketplaces and a huge amount of materials are available here. He added that the businesspersons were made aware of the notification. And if anyone who continues to use single-use plastics even, will be fined. Apart from this, close attention will also be given to detecting the main source of plastic entering the city.

Meanwhile, while appreciating the Mayor and SMC's initiative, the businesspeople urged the board to help them find alternatives to single-use plastics. They said that such awareness campaigns in the markets or shops are not going to make as much of a difference as shutting down the main source of plastic would.

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