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Saudi Arabia imposes SR500 fine for misuse of waste containers

The rule is part of a broader initiative to bolster compliance with municipal regulations

Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing introduced a significant update to the schedule of penalties for municipal violations.

The amendments to the sanctions include a hefty fine of up to 500 Saudi riyals for individuals who relocate waste containers or misuse them for unauthorized purposes. The new rule is a part of a broader initiative to bolster compliance with municipal regulations, elevate the quality of life in urban locales, and foster a supportive environment for entrepreneurs.

Under the new regulations, offenders are not only liable for the initial fine but may also be charged with compensating for any damages incurred to the containers. Moreover, the ministry has warned that repeated violations will result in a doubling of the fine, underscoring the government's determination to curb such misdemeanors.

Furthermore, the penalties extend to include more severe repercussions for those causing substantial damage to the waste containers. Such culprits will face a steeper fine reaching up to one thousand riyals, as the ministry tightens the noose on vandalism and misuse of public facilities.

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