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Rise and Fall of Throwaway Living

The use and throw article industry has indeed become a bane and burden for the earth. It’s reckless operation of products that have but a one-lifetime use like straws, for example, is a commodity that the earth and its ecosystems are just not prepared for.

Unfortunately, to make matters indeed more comprehensibly worse, utmost of these once-use products are made of material either like plastic or also with different kinds of graded plastic. We know for a fact that utmost plastic can take centuries to fully decompose while there are other kinds that don't compost at all. This is why plastic is known as a global earth killer.

Eco-friendly tableware and cutlery made by companies like Quit Plastic should ideally be made from 100% Sugarcane Bagasse a fluently grown and readily compostable and biodegradable ingredient. Sugarcane bagasse as a product can be used to manufacture crockery cutlery bowls plates and trays and all this without any plastic or wax coating. These products have the excellent structural integrity to be suitable to hold their shape when being used with solid and liquid food.

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