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Quit Plastic: Transforming Porbandar’s Approach to Sustainability being Plastic Free

Updated: 3 days ago

Start Eco-Friendly Disposables Business with Quit Plastic Dealership in Porbandar Gujarat
Quit Plastic in Porbandar Gujarat for Sugarcane Bagasse Eco-Friendly Disposables


Quit Plastic, a National Award Winner in Agriculture Food Innovation, is not just a company; it’s a revolution. Based in Gujarat, India, Quit Plastic is pioneering the shift from single-use plastics to sustainable sugarcane bagasse tableware. Now, they are offering an exclusive business dealership opportunity in Porbandar, Gujarat, inviting dynamic individuals to join their green crusade.

The Business Proposition

Quit Plastic’s dealership plans are a first in India, providing a platform for eco-friendly disposables with a focus on both dine-in and take-away segments. With an investment range of ₹5 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs INR, this opportunity is poised to set a new standard in the disposable tableware industry.

The Dine-In Segment

Quit Plastic offers a complete array of dine-in disposables, catering to the needs of restaurants, cafés, caterers, hotels, and office canteens. These products are designed to offer a sustainable yet elegant dining experience.

The Take-Away Segment

The take-away segment is tailored for the burgeoning food delivery market, including cloud kitchens and restaurants associated with delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. Quit Plastic ensures that sustainability is not compromised, even in the fast-paced take-away service.

Who Can Benefit?

  • New College Graduates: Fresh out of college and looking to make a difference? This is your chance.

  • Job Seekers: Seeking more than just a job? Join a movement.

  • New Business Seekers: Dive into the world of eco-entrepreneurship with a solid foundation.

  • Businesswomen: Ready to lead the change in the business landscape.

  • Youth from Business Families: Bring innovation to your family’s business ethos.

  • Existing Traders: Expand your business horizons with eco-friendly products.

The Perfect Timing

India’s ban on single-use plastics and the regulation of paper disposables have created an unprecedented demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Quit Plastic’s dealership plan is a timely solution that aligns with this new environmental consciousness.

Profitability and Exclusivity

Dealers in Porbandar can look forward to profit margins of 5% to 20% on local sales. Quit Plastic ensures exclusivity by appointing only one dealership per district, fostering a strong and focused business environment.

Support and Innovation

Quit Plastic is the first tableware company in India to offer paid sales support to its dealers, setting a new precedent for partner success. They have also introduced India’s first 4-color logo printing on sugarcane bagasse disposables, allowing for unparalleled customization.


Becoming a Quit Plastic dealer in Porbandar is more than starting a business; it’s about joining a movement towards a greener future. With the largest range of sugarcane bagasse disposables, Quit Plastic is leading the way in eco-friendly innovation in India and setting a global benchmark.

For those in Porbandar who are passionate about the environment and seeking a profitable business opportunity, Quit Plastic offers a unique chance to make a difference. As the city moves towards a more sustainable future, this dealership plan provides a pathway to combine entrepreneurial ambition with environmental stewardship. Join Quit Plastic and be part of the green revolution.

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