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Quit Plastic: The Green Frontier in Eco-Friendly Tableware Business Dealership Opportunity in Jodhpur Rajasthan

Updated: May 18

Start Eco-Friendly Disposables Business with Quit Plastic Dealership in Jodhpur Rajasthan
Quit Plastic in Jodhpur Rajasthan for Sugarcane Bagasse Eco-Friendly Disposables


Quit Plastic, a trailblazer in sustainable innovation, has earned the National Award in Agriculture Food Innovation for its remarkable contribution to environmental conservation. Based in Gujarat, India, Quit Plastic is revolutionizing the tableware industry with its sugarcane bagasse products, offering a viable alternative to single-use plastics.

A Call to Eco-Entrepreneurship

Quit Plastic extends an invitation to the eco-conscious minds of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, to join their green revolution. With business dealership plans that require an investment of ₹5 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs INR, Quit Plastic is setting the stage for a profitable venture in the eco-friendly disposables market.

The Dine-In Experience

The dine-in segment by Quit Plastic offers a comprehensive range of disposables perfect for restaurants, cafés, caterers, hotels, and office canteens. These products promise a sustainable dining experience without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

The Take-Away Solution

Addressing the needs of the fast-paced food delivery sector, Quit Plastic’s take-away segment is designed for cloud kitchens, hotels, and restaurants, especially those registered with delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

The Lucrative Edge

  • Target Demographic: College graduates, job seekers, budding entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and established traders.

  • Profit Potential: Dealers can enjoy profit margins ranging from 5% to 20% on local sales.

  • Exclusivity: A single dealership per district ensures a focused market presence and dedicated support.

Timing is Everything

The recent ban on single-use plastics in India, coupled with the growing demand for eco-friendly products, makes this the opportune moment to invest in Quit Plastic’s dealership plans.

Unparalleled Support

Quit Plastic distinguishes itself by offering paid sales support to its dealers, a pioneering move in the Indian market. This support underscores their commitment to their partners’ success.

Customization and Innovation

The company’s innovative spirit is showcased through their customization options, including India’s first 4-color logo printing on sugarcane bagasse disposables.


Joining Quit Plastic as a dealer is not just a business opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a meaningful movement towards sustainability. With their extensive range of eco-friendly dinner sets, Quit Plastic is not only leading the tableware industry in India but also making a global impact.

For those poised to make a difference in the world of business, Quit Plastic offers a unique opportunity to thrive economically while championing environmental stewardship. Their dealership plans in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, are a gateway to a future where profit meets purpose. Embrace this chance to be at the forefront of the eco-friendly revolution with Quit Plastic.

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