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Quit Plastic Eco Friendly Tableware: Your Travel Safe Solution

Updated: Feb 4

Quit Plastic Eco Friendly Tableware: Your Travel Safe Solution

The holidays are upon us. Are you ready to take in that next exotic destination along with family and friends? Sure you are. You must be all packed for the trip as well. But have you taken just one moment and spared a thought to how much single-use plastic you are cluttering your bags and subsequently the planet with.

More often than now when we travel, we tend to stock up on what we think are utilities which we wouldn’t like either to pay for or may find hard to come across at our holiday destinations. This usually includes polythene bags and lots of plastic crockery and cutlery. We choose plastic because it is lighter to travel with and easily foldable into the nags. But by making life a little easier for ourselves, are we doing right by the environment and the planet? The unfortunate truth is that most of the stuff we pack in our suitcases isn't great for the environment - whether its wrapped in plastic, full of damaging chemicals, or energy draining. Luckily, all these things can be changed by replacing some of your common travel products with the eco-friendly alternatives.

We already know that single-use plastic is a major deterrent to having a safe and sustainable environmental future. So instead of heaping it into your bags when you travel next lookout for just as easily accessible alternatives instead. Cloth bags will not take up much more space in your bag. Neither will cups, plates, trays and cutlery made from biodegradable and self-sustaining material like sugarcane bagasse. We know this because Quit Plastic Eco Friendly Tableware uses this material in a successful line of crockery and cutlery products that are structurally strong and can be both refrigerated and placed in ovens and microwaves.

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