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PMC launches competition to collect used plastic bottles from around city

In a bid to create public awareness about plastic- and electronic- waste, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has launched a competition to collect used plastic bottles from around the city in which individuals, schools and organisations will be able to participate

Head of the PMC solid waste department, Asha Raut, said, “The intention of this competition is to create awareness among citizens about e-waste and plastic waste management. The PMC has set up collection centres at 75 locations. Citizens can deposit the bottles collected at the Arogya Kothis in each regional ward office.”

“The PMC will use the collected bottles to create attractive murals, paver blocks and interlocking blocks. These materials will get used in the city itself,” Raut said.

The competition will go on till February 28 this year with the PMC having identified five Arogya Kothis in each ward office for the collection of bottles. The civic body will keep a record of the bottles deposited. Citizens and groups can submit the collected bottles every Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm. The participants have to ensure that they collect the used bottles from various parts of the city and not from any catering or recycling facility. The PMC has appealed Ganesh mandals, housing societies, groups and even schools to participate in the competition.

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