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Plastic Cutlery: Boon or Bane

Updated: Feb 4

Plastic Cutlery: Boon or Bane

Plastic Cutlery: Boon or Bane - Plastic when it was first discovered and introduced as an everyday usage item was a breakthrough in itself. People gravitated towards using plastic in everything that was being produced from gadgets to crockery and cutlery because plastic was cheap to produce, easy to mold and in some cases extremely difficult to destroy. While on the face of it all, this seemed like a relatively good thing for the environment, what people completely forgot to take into account was how plastic is not a naturally biodegradable substance. Our resilience to use plastic as a material in almost every regular use product has not led it to become one of the biggest environmental damagers of our times.

One such example of our times is plastic cutlery. How often do we pop in for anything from a burger to a rice bowl to brownies only to be met with some kind of plastic, either as the wrapping, like cutlery or the packaging facing us? It is this phenomenon that we need to move away from almost instantly and collectively if the planet and its future generations is to have any hope of survival.

Cutlery especially gets consumed dime a dozen especially in fast food joints and smaller food stalls across the world. India too is a huge contributor to this mess and accounts for almost 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. The alternative, of course, is to use biodegradable material which is also easy to grow and sustain. One such material is sugarcane bagasse used by Quit Plastic Eco Friendly Tableware to produce an extensive range of sustainable tableware that can be used at home and in social functions. The Sugarcane Bagasse Material used to make them is structurally solid and will not lose its structure easily or get soaked / melt easily. It is freezer safe and can be heated in microwaves as well. Check our Eco friendly Compostable Range of Plates, Bowls, Cups, Glasses, Containers, etc on

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