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India’s Trailblazing Eco-Innovation: Customizable 4-Color Logo Printing on Sugarcane Bagasse 8 x 8-inch Clamshell Bento Box

Updated: 3 days ago

Customized Printed 8 x 8-inch Clamshell Bento Box made from Sugarcane Bagasse by Quit Plastic India
Customized Printed 8 x 8-inch Clamshell Bento Box made from Sugarcane Bagasse by Quit Plastic India


In a significant stride towards sustainability, India has witnessed the emergence of its first company to offer 4-color logo printing on takeaway clamshell and bento boxes made from sugarcane bagasse.

This innovative service allows restaurants, hotels, and cloud kitchens to brand their food packaging with vibrant logos, making a statement not only in style but also in environmental stewardship.

The Revolution of Sugarcane Bagasse in Food Packaging

Sugarcane bagasse, the fibrous residue after the extraction of juice from sugarcane, is a renewable and eco-friendly material that is making waves in the food packaging industry. Unlike traditional plastic or Styrofoam containers, bagasse clamshells are compostable and biodegradable, offering a guilt-free alternative for businesses and consumers alike.

Why Choose Bagasse?

  • Compostable: Breaks down naturally, enriching the soil.

  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces waste and conserves natural resources.

  • Sustainable: Supports global efforts to reduce environmental footprint.

Customization with a Conscience

The 4-color logo printing service is not just about aesthetics; it’s a commitment to brand identity and ecological values. Businesses can now enhance their brand visibility while promoting eco-friendly practices.

The Customization Process

  1. Design Submission: Businesses submit their 4-color logo design.

  2. Printing: The logo is printed onto the clamshell boxes using sustainable inks.

  3. Quality Check: Each printed clamshell is inspected to ensure the highest quality.

Clamshell Specifications

The clamshells come in various sizes, including the popular 8 x 8 inch size, perfect for sandwiches, pizzas, or bento-style meals. They are designed to be sturdy and functional, keeping food secure and presentable.

Available Sizes

  • 8 x 8 inch: Ideal for sandwiches or pizza slices.

Leading the Way: India’s First

The company spearheading this initiative is a pioneer in the Indian tableware industry, offering not only sustainable products but also customizable options with their 4-color logo printing service. This move aligns with India’s growing commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

Conclusion: Embracing Eco-Friendly Branding

By opting for these customizable sugarcane bagasse clamshells, businesses are taking a step towards a greener future. It’s a powerful way to reduce pollution, support local industry, and align with global sustainability initiatives.

This eco-friendly innovation is more than a product; it’s a statement that resonates with the values of modern consumers and the planet.

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