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GVMC seeks Traders’ help in Plastic Ban

Visakhapatnam: GVMC commissioner P Raja Babu gave a call to the Vizagites to opt for biodegradable eco-friendly plastic alternatives. He chaired a meeting with the traders of the city and sought their cooperation for better implementation of a ban on single-use plastic.

“About 10 tonnes of plastic waste is being generated in the city on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are not carrying a cloth bag,” said Raja Babu. “We will impose heavy penalties on those who are still selling the single-use plastic bags in the city. Traders should not see it from the business angle, but from the environmental protection aspect. We should all work in the direction that the future generation should inherit the earth without any environmental damage. We should soon form a trader group on WhatsApp and closely track the plastic sales. We will take action based on the feedback ,” said Babu.  

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