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Goa amends Bill to impose ‘deposit scheme’ on single-use plastic purchases

The Goa government had earlier banned the manufacture, import and sale of single-use plastics and imposed fines of varying amounts for those who violate the act. However, the ban has had little effect

The Goa legislative Assembly on Wednesday passed an amendment to the Goa Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 1996, to enable manufacturers of single or reusable plastic to “collect a deposit on the sale of items that are sold in plastic packaging which is to be refunded if the buyer returns the packaging”.

“We will have a lot of counters all over Goa where people can return the bottle packaging and receive money. If someone buys (something in) a PET bottle of Rs.10, he will be charged Rs.10 extra. In that way we intend to curb this menace under the non-biodegradable act,” state environment minister Nilesh Cabral said.

“This amendment has been sought to ensure proper collection and disposal of Goa Non- Biodegradable Garbage in the state of Goa,” he added.

According to the amended Bill, producers, importers and brand owners will have to collect non-biodegradable garbage and deposit them in public receptacles or places provided for temporary deposit or collection of the non-biodegradable garbage or to the agency appointed for the purpose.

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