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Exploring Eco-Friendly Dining: 30 Sustainable Tableware Options for Savoring Indian Cuisine

Eat Plastic Free with Quit Plastic's Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware in India
Eat Plastic Free with Quit Plastic's Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware in India


  • Exploring the vast landscape of Indian culinary delights.

  • The environmental imperative for sustainable dining practices.

  • Quit Plastic India’s vision for a plastic-free culinary journey.

The Shift to Eco-Friendly Dining

  • The alarming statistics of plastic pollution in India.

  • The advantages of sugarcane bagasse tableware for the environment.

  • Quit Plastic India’s innovative approach to eco-friendly dining solutions.

1. Samosas: The Timeless Treat

  • The universal appeal of samosas across India.

  • The perfect pairing of samosas with sturdy, eco-friendly plates.

2. Pani Puri: The Flavor Explosion

  • The interactive tradition of enjoying pani puri.

  • The practicality of compartment plates for serving the tangy accompaniments.

3. Vada Pav: Mumbai’s Favorite

  • The story behind Vada Pav’s rise as a fast-food sensation.

  • The convenience of compostable plates for this grab-and-go snack.

4. Biryani: A Symphony of Spices

  • The regional tales and tastes of biryani across India.

  • Showcasing the vibrant layers of biryani on natural bagasse plates.

5. Dosa: The Crispy Crepe

  • The art of making the perfect dosa.

  • Compartment plates as the ideal solution for dosa’s dips and sides.

6. Rogan Josh: The Kashmiri Aroma

  • The rich heritage and robust flavours of Rogan Josh .

  • The visual appeal of this colourful dish against the backdrop of eco-friendly plates.

7. Butter Chicken: The Creamy Classic

  • The global journey of butter chicken from Delhi to the world.

  • The natural contrast of bagasse plates complements the creamy curry.

8. Chaat: The Ultimate Street Food Medley

  • The endless varieties of chaat and their place in Indian street food culture.

  • The role of compartment plates in serving the diverse elements of chaat.

9. Dhokla: The Light and Fluffy Snack

  • The nuances of preparing dhokla, a Gujarati speciality.

  • The ease of serving dhokla on disposable plates during social tea times.

10. Thali: The Complete Experience

  • The philosophy behind a thali as a representation of culinary diversity.

  • Large compartment plates offering a sustainable way to enjoy a thali.

11. Rajma Masala: The Comforting Curry

  • The homely feel of rajma masala paired with rice.

  • The sturdiness of bagasse plates holding up to the hearty curry.

12. Pav Bhaji: The Quintessential Street Mash-Up

  • The history of pav bhaji as a quick meal for mill workers.

  • The practicality of durable plates for this messy, beloved dish.

13. Chole Bhature: The Punjabi Powerhouse

  • The indulgent combination of spicy chole and fluffy Bhature.

  • The need for strong, leak-proof plates for this oily delight.

14. Aloo Paratha: The Stuffed Staple

  • The breakfast favourite aloo paratha and its regional variations.

  • The convenience of compartment plates for the curd and pickles.

15. Masala Dosa: The Spicy Twist

  • The popularity of masala dosa with its flavorful potato filling.

  • The compartment plates keeping the sambhar and chutney separate.

16. Idli: The Steamed Sensation

  • The simplicity and nutrition packed in idli, a South Indian staple.

  • The ease of serving idli on eco-friendly plates for a healthy start.

17. Paneer Tikka: The Vegetarian’s Delight

  • The tandoori marinated paneer tikka as a crowd-pleaser.

  • The compartment plates conveniently holding the mint chutney.

18. Malai Kofta: The Creamy Dream

  • The rich and decadent malai kofta as a festive favorite.

  • The premium feel of bagasse plates elevating the dining experience.

19. Kebabs: The Succulent Skewers

  • The variety of kebabs from the tandoor and their storied past.

  • The strength of compostable plates supporting these juicy bites.

20. Fish Curry: The Coastal Treasure

  • The coastal love affair with fish curry and its tangy flavors.

  • The leak-proof quality of bagasse plates making them ideal for curries.

21. Dal Makhani: The Velvety Lentils

  • The slow-cooked dal makhani and its buttery goodness.

  • The deep compartments of plates holding the dal without spillage.

22. Palak Paneer: The Spinach Delicacy

  • The healthful palak paneer with its smooth spinach gravy.

  • The natural green of the spinach looking vibrant on the eco plates.

23. Gulab Jamun: The Sweet Conclusion

  • The syrupy sweetness of gulab jamun as a dessert must-have.

  • The small compartments perfect for serving these warm delights.

24. Jalebi: The Swirly Sweet

  • The crispy, sugary jalebi and its festive significance.

  • The flat surface of the plates showcasing the jalebi’s bright orange.

25. Lassi: The Creamy Cooler

  • The refreshing lassi as a summer staple.

  • The sturdy plates holding the lassi cups steady in the summer heat.

26. Kachori: The Flaky Fantasy

  • The stuffed kachori and its burst of flavors.

  • The grease-resistant quality of bagasse plates handling the kachori’s richness.

27. Tandoori Chicken: The Fiery Favorite

  • The smoky allure of tandoori chicken marinated to perfection.

  • The durability of compostable plates withstanding the tandoori heat.

28. Naan: The Fluffy Companion

  • The essential naan bread, perfect for scooping up curries.

  • The large plates providing ample space for tearing and sharing naan.

29. Kulfi: The Frozen Treat

  • The traditional kulfi with its dense, creamy texture.

  • The small sections of compartment plates ideal for serving kulfi slices.

30. Aloo Tikki: The Spiced Potato Patty

  • The street-side charm of Aloo Tikki served with chutneys.

  • The convenience of single-use plates for this popular snack.


  • A celebration of India’s culinary heritage through 30 iconic dishes.

  • Quit Plastic India’s dedication to making every Indian dish plastic-free.

  • Encouraging readers to join the movement towards sustainable dining.

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