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European Union sets out plan to cut back packaging waste

Updated: Feb 4

The European Union executive wants to ban mini shampoo bottles in hotels not just this it is also moving towards Banning the use of throw away cups in cafes and restaurants all of this is a part of sweeping legal proposals to curb Europe's mountains of waste the draft EU regulation published earlier this week also proposes mandatory deposit and return schemes for single-use plastic drinks bottles and metal cans this is in addition to a provision bringing an end to e-commerce firms wrapping up wrapping the small items in huge boxes the draft regulation is intended

To tackle the surge in plastic and other packaging waste the EU estimating that 40 percent of new Plastics and 50 of paper are used in packaging thus making the sector a vast consumer of Virgin materials the new rules will have to be approved by the EU member states and the European Parliament the EU passed a law in 2019 to ban the most common single-use plastic items like plastic Cutlery stirrers and straws but officials now want to go further to tackle

European Union sets out plan to cut back packaging waste

European Union Packaging Waste - The Soaring amount of packaging rubbish in fact it's thought to generate 180 kilograms of packaging waste each year

Estimated to rise by 19 by 2030 if no action is taken under the latest proposals the EU member states would have to reduce the packaging waste per capita by 15 by 2040 as compared to the levels of 2018.

The commission also hopes to end the confusion over recycling it proposes harmonized labels probably pictograms to make it clear to the consumers which bin needs to be used in a separate law the commission seeks to ensure that products claiming to be bio-based or biodegradable or compostable meet the minimum standards in an attempt to clamp down on greenwashing consumers would now be able to tell how long it takes for an item to biodegrade how much biomass was used in its production and whether it is really suitable for home composting

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