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CPCB goes all out to enforce ban on plastic

30 shops inspected in 2 days, 450 challans issued

To tighten noose around violators, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has started intensive activities to ensure the strict enforcement of single-use plastic ban.

A team of the CPCB officials has started a four-day inspection drive in different areas, including industrial area, wholesale markets, local markets, sabzi mandi and to nail on street vendors, flower sellers and other shopkeepers using plastic items in Yamunanagar.

The CPCB has started the inspections after it was found that despite the ban, the use of single-use plastic items continues unabated in the region, including Yamunanagar district.

According to information, the team of the CPCB, which was being helped by the staff members of Haryana State Pollution Control Board ( HSPCB), Yamunanagar, and Municipal Corporation, Yamunanagar-Jagadhri (MCYJ), has started an inspection drive on December 27 here.

The team had conducted inspection at 30 shops situated on Radaur Road, New Market, Khera Mohalla, Model Town and other places in two days on December 27-28 and issued challans to six shopkeepers.

“A team headed by officials of the CPCB from Chandigarh office — Amit Kumar Sagar and Subham Kumar — has been conducting checking of shops to stop use of plastic items. Our staff members are also helping them in the checking work,” said Naresh Kumar, Assistant Environment Engineer of HSPCB, Yamunanagar.

He said the team of the CPCB officials had conducted inspections on December 27-28, but could not continue the inspection work on December 29 due to government holiday.

Govind Sharma, Sanitary Inspector, MCYJ, said, “Since the ban had been put on single use plastic items in the country from July 1, 2022, two teams of Municipal Corporation, Yamunanagar-Jagadhri, were regularly conducting checking to stop the use of plastic. Our teams have issued challans to about 450 shopkeepers.”

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