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Circular against employees dumping domestic waste in Kerala Secretariat complex

Thiruvananthapuram: The general administration department of Kerala Secretariat has issued a cirular against employees disposing waste from their homes in the bins placed at the complex.

The circular states that strict action will be taken if employees continue to dump home waste in the Secretariat complex.

The house-keeping department warned that from now on anyone found dumping home waste in the Secretariat bins will be dealt with seriously.

Initially, when the waste in large quantities was found in the bins of the Secretariat, it was dismissed as waste generated from the Secretariat, but when the volume of waste continued to pile up, it was found out that the employees were dumping home waste.

Meanwhile. this dumping of waste comes at a time when the State Minister for Local Self Government M.B. Rajesh has come out with an order asking all houses to ensure that they deposit their home waste to domestic waste collectors that are commissioned by the local body, especially in the Corporation areas of the state, at a specified fee.

In the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation areas, a sum of Rs 100 every month is being charged for collecting plastic waste once a week.

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