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10 Sustainable Ways to Host a Party

Updated: Feb 4

10 Sustainable Ways to Host a Party

Being sustainable should also become the call to action as we enter another decade filled hopefully with progress and optimism. While 2022 has not ended well for mankind, it is important for us to take our lessons from it before we venture into 2023 only for us to repeat the same mistakes.

Hosting parties especially as the world is still recovering from the effects of a global lockdown will largely be home based affairs this season and the early part of the next year. Instead of decking the halls with all sorts of single use plastic and needless confetti, here are ten ways to host a sustainable party without doing too much harm to the planet as well:

10 Sustainable Ways to Host a Party:

1) Go digital with your invitations

2) Avoid single-use plastics

3) Be thoughtful and manage out decorations

4) Have a food leftover plan

5) Enlist guests’ help with dividing up trash

6) Insist on sustainable gifts

7) Remember noise is pollution, too

8) Cook with restraint

9) Keep the food local & organic

10) Give an earth-friendly party favour

Using the right kind of sustainable and reusable crockery and cutlery is also a great way to have a fun party while doing your bit for the planet. Quit Plastic uses eco-friendly packaging to manufacture sustainable tableware and crockery cutlery for a greener planet. They manufacture bowls, plates, trays, forks, spoons, knives and more all sing a sustainable and eco-friendly product made from sugarcane called sugarcane bagasse. This material has high structural stability and can be reused, heated, warmed and frozen at will making it an ideal choice for sustainable living.

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