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Quit Plastic India: Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Packaging and Social Media Management


Quit Plastic India is a dedicated company offering sustainable solutions for food packaging.


We provide eco-friendly alternatives that help reduce plastic consumption.


In addition to our product offerings, we also provide a 60 Social Media Posts Management service for our dealers dealing in disposables.


This service allows you to benefit from our professional and creative graphic design expertise.


With this service, you can focus on your core business operations while we manage your branding and social media graphics.


Our 60 Social Media Posts Management service includes:


  • A monthly plan of 60 posts, designed in line with the latest product trends and creative ideas for bagasse food packaging products.
  • Bagasse, a natural and renewable material made from the waste fibre of sugarcane, sorghum, or agave, is 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, toxin-free, and carbon-neutral.
  • Our bagasse food packaging products are versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They do not leave any residue, strong smells, or taste behind, unlike many other materials.
  • Our range of bagasse food packaging products includes clamshells, rounds, boxes, trays, plates, bowls, chicken roaster containers, produce trays, take-out containers, paper shopping bags, and more.
  • We create eye-catching and engaging graphics for your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. We use high-quality images, fonts, colours, and layouts that align with your brand identity and message.
  • We also write captivating and informative captions for your posts, using keywords, hashtags, and calls to action that will attract your target audience and increase your online visibility.
  • We schedule and publish your posts at optimal times and frequencies, according to your preferences and the best practices of each platform.
  • We monitor and analyze the performance of your posts, using metrics such as likes, comments, shares, views, clicks, impressions, reach, and engagement. We provide you with monthly reports and feedback and suggest ways to improve your results.


With our 60 Social Media Posts Management service, you can showcase your bagasse food packaging products to the world, and promote your brand as an eco-friendly and sustainable leader in the industry.


You can also educate your customers and followers about the benefits of bagasse, and inspire them to join your mission to quit plastic and save the planet.


Order our 60 Social Media Posts Management service today, and let us help you grow your business and make a positive impact on the environment! 🌿

60 Social Media Posts Monthly

Sales Tax Included
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