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3 Oz 120 ML Eco-Friendly Sugarcane Bagasse Brown Square Bowls Retail Pack of 500 Pcs.


Product Details:


Size: 3 Oz 120 ML

Shape: Square

Color: Brown

Material: Sugarcane Bagasse Unbleached Pulp

Quality: Premium Export Quality

Box Packing: 500 Pieces


1.            Plastic-free, Tree-free.

2.            Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Single-Use Disposables.

3.            Heavyweight Sturdy and Durable plates.

4.            Natural and safe, reliable for your health.

5.            Perfect for cold food and hot food Microwavable.

6.            Oil-resistant & Water Proof.

7.            Environment & Animal Friendly Disposables.

3 Oz 120 ML Eco-friendly Sugarcane Bagasse Brown Sq Bowl Retail Pack of 500 Pcs.

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