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Small Weddings, Smart Eco Friendly Tableware: Quit Plastic Is the Way to Go!

Updated: Feb 4

Small Weddings, Smart Eco Friendly Tableware

Eco Friendly Tableware for Wedding - The packaging industry is seeing transformational change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These disruptions with both short and long-term ramifications on the global packaging industry, generate $900 billion a year. Furthermore, these disruptions are caused by fundamental changes in consumer behaviour which for the most part, appear to be permanent as a result of COVID.

Weddings and the choices we make towards them are no different. Smaller and more manageable crowds are the order of the day which can lead to tremendous wastage and very high. Sustainable living is not just a catchword any longer. It has to become a way of life and it needs to become a way of life for more than a couple of future generations to follow.

Lifestyle choices include the type of packaging that we use and consume when we are celebrating occasions like weddings. Due to its longevity and cheap price, unfortunately, most production for packaging is done using single or multiple-use plastic. This is the single most damaging product for the planet and can be extremely harmful to everyone since it does not decompose for lifetimes after it has been used and thrown away.

Some of the uses of eco-friendly packaging especially for large scale commercial use in small and large business include the optimised use of materials used to package, use materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, reduced use of energy and of course an increased sense of rescue and less spoilage.

Quit Plastic is one such company that uses eco-friendly packaging to manufacture sustainable tableware and crockery cutlery for a greener planet. They manufacture bowls, plates, trays, forks, spoons, knives and more all sing a sustainable and eco-friendly product made from sugarcane called sugarcane bagasse. This material has high structural stability and can be reused, heated, warmed and frozen at will making it an ideal choice for sustainable living.

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