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Eco-Friendly Disposable Products: Quit Plastic’s Business Dealership Opportunity in Jamnagar Gujarat

Updated: 3 days ago

Start Eco-Friendly Disposables Business with Quit Plastic Dealership in Jamnagar Gujarat
Quit Plastic in Jamnagar Gujarat for Sugarcane Bagasse Eco-Friendly Disposables


Quit Plastic, a National Award Winner in Agriculture Food Innovation, is leading a sustainable charge in the tableware industry with its innovative sugarcane bagasse products. Based in Gujarat, India, the company is now expanding its reach to Jamnagar, offering a unique business dealership opportunity that promises both profitability and environmental stewardship.

A Green Business Model

Quit Plastic’s dealership plans are a pioneering effort in India, aiming to provide eco-friendly solutions to the dine-in and take-away segments. With an investment range of ₹5 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs INR, the company is inviting dynamic individuals to join their mission in making a difference.

Who Can Join?

  • New College Graduates: Embark on an entrepreneurial journey with a sustainable focus.

  • Job Seekers: Step into the realm of business ownership in a thriving industry.

  • New Business Seekers: Integrate eco-friendly practices into your business model.

  • Businesswomen: Drive the change towards a greener economy.

  • Youth from Business Families: Enhance your family business with innovative solutions.

  • Existing Traders: Diversify your offerings with high-demand eco-products.

The Perfect Timing

The Indian government’s ban on single-use plastics and the regulation of paper disposables have created an opportune moment for sustainable alternatives. The public’s awareness and demand for eco-friendly products are at an all-time high.

Product Range

Dine-In Segment

Quit Plastic offers a full spectrum of disposables for:

  • Restaurants

  • Cafés

  • Caterers

  • Hotels

  • Office Canteens

Take-Away Segment

The take-away line caters to:

  • Cloud Kitchens

  • Hotels

  • Cafés & Restaurants on Delivery Platforms (e.g., Zomato, Swiggy)

Profit Margins

Dealers can expect profit margins of 5% to 20% on local sales, presenting a lucrative business opportunity.

Exclusive Dealership

To ensure a strong market presence, Quit Plastic appoints only one dealership per district, offering a unique and focused business environment.

Support and Innovation

Dealers benefit from:

  • The Largest Range of Sugarcane Bagasse Disposables

  • Paid Sales Support: A first in India, providing financial aid to dealers

  • Customization: Offering India’s first 4-color logo printing on disposables


The dealership opportunity with Quit Plastic in Jamnagar is not just a business venture; it’s a step towards a sustainable future. As India moves towards eco-friendly alternatives, this is the ideal time to invest in a business that aligns with the nation’s environmental goals.

For those interested in this innovative business opportunity, Quit Plastic invites you to become a part of the green revolution. Contact us to learn more about the dealership in Jamnagar, Gujarat, and embark on a journey towards a greener and more profitable future.

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