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Plastic Waste to jump 10x on packaging

Updated: Feb 4

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Plastic Waste to jump - The study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) found that packaging is the largest contributor to plastic pollution in India, accounting for nearly 60% of plastic consumption. The study predicts that plastic waste in India will increase tenfold due to packaging if no action is taken to curb it. According to the study, only 9% of plastic waste in India is recycled, and the remaining 91% is either burned or ends up in landfills, water bodies, and the natural environment.

The CSE recommends the use of alternative materials for packaging, such as paper, sugarcane bagasse, jute, and bamboo, as well as stricter regulations on the use of plastic. The organization also suggests that the government should introduce a "polluter pays" principle, where companies producing plastic waste are held responsible for its management and disposal.

The study also highlights the need for improved plastic waste management in India. The CSE suggests that the government should set up more plastic waste processing plants and increase the capacity of existing ones. The organization also recommends the use of technology, such as mechanical and biological processes, to increase the efficiency of plastic waste management.

Overall, the study by the CSE highlights the urgent need for action to combat the problem of plastic pollution in India caused by packaging. It emphasizes the need for a combination of measures, including the use of alternative materials, stricter regulations, and improved plastic waste management, to effectively tackle this issue.

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