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Is Your Food Packaging Eco-Friendly?

Updated: Feb 4

Is Your Food Packaging Eco-Friendly

Is Your Food Packaging Eco-Friendly - India is a country that can become a wasteland of unwanted products which do not compost due to the lack of education amongst the urban and rural population. Due to not enough people understand the need for using biodegradable products. Indian suffers as one of the most polluted single-use plastic countries across the globe.

Eco friendly tableware and cutlery should ideally be made from 100% Sugarcane Bagasse an easily growing and readily compostable and biodegradable ingredient. Sugarcane bagasse as a product can be used to manufacture crockery cutlery bowls plates and trays are without any plastic or wax coating. These products have excellent structural integrity to be able to hold their shape when being used with solid and liquid food.

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