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Quit Plastic’s Gift Packs- your green “gift” for all festivals, occasions and events.

Updated: Feb 10

Historically, all cultures across the world engaged in gift exchange. A prominent occasion be it social or religion based is always marked by the ritual of gifting. Often rewards and recognitions are also expressed through culture of tendering gifts. Marcel Mauss, a French anthropologist for the first time, tapped into the study of gift exchange and its roots through a culture. The concept of gift giving imbibes a sense of reciprocity. A gift is always given with a hidden expectation of receiving something at some point in return. Such expectations of return may occur for tangible things or for intangible benefits in human mind. The satisfaction that an individual derives by contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution is an intangible benefit that humans crave for. This is because it gives human beings a sense of dwelling in a healthy environment. Gift giving culture in Indian generally hovers around social and cultural festivals or occasions such as marriage and pre-marriage celebrations, birthdays, sacred thread ceremony, baby shower ceremony, ceremonies to celebrate childbirth etc. Off late Indians are borrowing from western celebration ideas. Urban population of India has started celebrating various personal and professional relations like Fathers’ days, Mother’s Day, best boss day, children’s day, women’s day etc.

Gift Packs

In India and in several other parts of the world while visiting guests, hosts carry a small gift as a token of gratitude and appreciation for invitation. Such conducts are typical gift giving etiquette. For example, Indians carry a small box of sweet, cookie, dry desserts, or dry fruits. In western part of the world people mostly carry wine bottles. Indeed, gifting etiquette and cultures changes from country to country on this earth. Interestingly in China, people reject gifts for three times before they accept the same as a gesture of modesty. In India people do not wrap gifts in white or black packaging’s, because gifts packed in white and black are considered to be unlucky for the household.

Historically in India the commercial value of gifts has been equated to the status of the person providing the gift and the importance that gift giver accords to the giftee. But now since last half of this decade Indians are witnessing a major change in gifting etiquettes. Gift givers have started realizing the latent purposes of gifting. Choice for gifts primarily depends upon the occasion and the purpose of gifting.While at the upfront the purpose of gifting is to express one’s concern and joy, the latent purpose is the functionality of the gift and the ultimate impact that use of gifts castes upon environment and local community. People across the world have now started realizing that gifts that they tender must not be caustic to the environment and at the same time it must aid in improvement of the environment. Now a days its’ cool to gift eco-friendly idols, table wares and cutleries, solar lights, saplings of plant, nature -based healing products like massage stones, natural fragrances, organic fruits, vegetables and handmade sweets and cookies. Once such green gift item which is quickly getting added to the gift carts of lacs of people in India every day is Quit Plastic’s Gift Pack containing single use disposable tableware’s. Quit Plastic’s products are eco-friendly, compostable and 100% organically made. Thanks to eco-graphical and environmental awareness campaigns like “SWACHH BHARAT SURVEKSHAN ABHIYAN” “NATIONAL CLEANLINESS DRIVES”, “REVIVE GANGA” launched and established by Indian Government and several green NGOs. Because of such environmental motions Indian urban population is aware of the havoc that non-degradable and non-compostable plastics causes to our environment. Environmentally sensitive people across world today have realized the importance of gifts which are sustainable for environments and hence Quit Plastic’s single use, disposable tableware and cutlery is becoming a popular gift option.

Gift Pack

It is need of the hour that that we do our bit to reduce the poisonous effects of plastics, thermocol, Styrofoam, Paper Single use disposables which has become one of the chief reasons of global warming. Government of India under its wing of waste management policy has proposed to put a blanket embargo upon use, import, export manufacture of certain single use plastic table wares by July 2022. Aligned with this vision Quit Plastic has launched Gift Packs containing single use, temperature durable (microwavable and freezable) disposables, such that you can put a smile which contributes to the cause of saving nature and also feeds cattle. Come, join Quit Plastic Movement. This festival gift a green “shagun”.

Gift Pack

Quit Plastic’s GiftPack comes with multiple disposable single use table wares like simple serving plates compartmented plates, bowls, glasses, paper straws, wooden fork, spoons, tissue papers and garbage bags as addons. All the above said disposables are available only at Rs. 475 plus shipping Per pack. Can you believe it? On top of this you can even avail monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly subscriptions from 15 % to 25 % discount on the Gift Pack. Quit Plastics biodegradable single use disposables are not only eco – friendly but pocket friendly too. For more details log in to www.quitplastic.inand order your green pack of gift now. Quit Plastic’s Gift Packs are designed in a fashion that they are handy and compact such that you can carry these leakage proof, sturdy table wares through long distances. Quit Plastic’s products are 100% plastic and BPA free and hence they are marked safe for use of kids and pets by FDA. Hurry! Quit Plastic’s subscription deals are for limited period only. Quit Plastic brings supper money saver deals frequently. So, keep checking the website. Quit Plastic has extremely affordable monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual subscription deals. Hurry! check the website for discounted rates before the deal expires.

Gift Packs

You can also order your pack of Quit Plastic from various OTP platforms and departmental stores in Gujarat like Quit Plastic Website, Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers, Meesho, Spencer’s, Big Bazaar and D- mart’s. You may also order through your WhatsApp at +91 9104131727 or mail them directly on Quit Plastic Online Store in India is founded by Ajay Somaiya an Ecopreneur based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

Indian Government & Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently already announced ban on single use disposable plastics, to be effective from 2022. Do your bit to save nature and provide digestible fodder to thousands of hungry cattle, while you party madly. Dispose only Quit Plastic wastes. Party hard, work harder and save environment.

To Buy this Eco Friendly Gift Pack from Quit Plastic Online Store Click the link below

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