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Eco Friendly - Need of the Hour

Updated: Apr 21

Eco-friendly products in India are the veritably need of the hour. As a country that propagates and generates tons of applicable waste which is in no way reclaimed, it's all the more critical that daily use products and papers are made from biodegradable constituents which will soon return to their natural state rather than stay and contaminate the terrain ever and ever.

All eco-friendly products should be made from 100 Food Grade packaging and could use a revolutionary component of Sugarcane Bagasse which is compostable and biodegradable.

Eco Friendly - Need of the Hour

These products can include disposable plates, eco-friendly bowls, compostable containers, biodegradable glasses, coliseums, vessel servers, cube servers, paper straws, and other chopsticks. They're primarily recommended while being structurally strong and oven and microwave oven friendly.

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